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Universal Ball Head 1/4'' Screw for DSLR/SLR Camera & LED Ring Light (UBH)

Compatibility - Compatible with DSLR, SLR camera, LED Ring light via its standard 1/4" screw. Universal ball head works with viozon OL Series , ZB Series and can be attached across all viozon monitor arm and gas spring am. LED Ring lights from any other brands can be attached to the 1/4" screw

Adjustability - The aluminum construction is rated to support 9kg: enough for almost any full-frame set-up and its grease-free polymer housing enables exceptionally smooth movement, even with a lot of friction applied. the ball movement is tightened using levers that lock securely with minimal user effort. The basis of all ball heads is a 360° degree swivel -- essentially an oversized precision ball bearing -- that can be loosened or tightened by means of a knob on the side of the head, typically by twisting a single knob to the fully locked position. Once locked the camera should be held very securely in position, and you shouldn't be able to move it even if its fitted with a long, heavy lens Panoramic Rotation 360° Degree Lateral Tilt -90° Degree / +40° Degree tilt range

Innovation & Design - viozon brings robust internal and external components all made from aluminum, iron, and polymer knob. A tilt head separates horizontal, vertical and panning motions into three separate axes (hence, "3-way"), giving you control that's more sophisticated, subtle and user-friendly. Useful for shooting in studio and being precise to the millimeter. Great for videos too, the head allows you adjust smoothly while recording. Versatile, compact, and flexible, ball heads deliver a unique combination of seamless control and convenience

Installation - Includes everything you need to mount your camera or LED ring light to your current viozon setup. Simply remove the adaptor from arm, replace with Ball head adaptor then mount the Ball head.

What’s in the Box?
1)   Universal Ball Head                                                                                                    2)   Universal ball head adapter                                                                                        3)   Hex Key