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Tray-2 B

UPGRADED Laptop Tray (Fits 12-17" Laptop/Notebook)


  • Unibody design from Premium Aluminum alloy.
  • Ultra thin laptop tray with extendable anti-slip rubber pads, holds laptops from 12 to 17 inches.
  • Improved axis adjustments (tilt and pan) to ensure a leveled setup.
  • 200 grams heavier for a sturdier tray.
  • Elevated quick release clip  provides easier installation and removal.
  • Compatible with normal Adaptor.
  • Minimize tilted, slanted, bent, unleveled angles with the upgraded adjustments, you can do more from anywhere.
  • Practice healthier ergonomics.
A laptop holder that helps you practice better home/office ergonomics.
Have a modest but elegant setup, It's the brilliant laptop tray now with an ultrawide horizontal adjustments that satisfy your specific adjustments.

What's new?

Two improved axis that allow a laptop/notepad mounted on it to be independent of the movement from Normal Arm or Gas Spring Arm.

These 2 axis are identified as pitch, yaw :

The yaw axis (i.e., pan) refers to left to right movement along the vertical axis ±30° maintaining a better leveled angle, and can be used moving horizontally.

The pitch axis (i.e., tilt) refers to up to down movement, allowing you to tilt it up and down from front to back at 0° flat to -45° forward tilt with off-center or unleveled angles while remaining stable.

These 2 axis ensure that a laptop's motion is stabilized regardless of the vertical (height) or horizontal (side) adjustment from the Arm/ Gas Spring m, which is why they’re great for home/office setup.

Tech specs

Dimensions and Weight
11.3 length x 8.7 width (inches)
28.70 length x 22.10 width (cm)
2.86 lbs. (1.3 Kg)

Metallic licorice Black
Metallic light Gray Silver

Premium Aluminum alloy
High-quality rubber polymers
Styrene, Fiberglass Plastic
Scratch Resistant Coating